One of the first characteristics or points of a successful business plan is

Select one:

a. demonstrate a clear, compelling vision that creates an air of excitement.

b. essential information about funding received so far.

c. the entrepreneur’s background and role in the company.

d. the key ingredient of the business that will attract million of customers.

e. a profile of potential customers and market needs.

Managers, in today’s work environment, rely less on ____ and more on ____ leadership.

Select one:

a. empowerment and innovation; productivity and efficiency

b. effectiveness and efficiency; quality and profit

c. coordination and communication; control and command

d. autocratic; empowering

e. ethics and social responsibility; profit and cost-savings

Carrie’s Car Care receives more than 25% of its total sales revenues from operations outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Carrie’s would be considered a

a. multinational corporation.

b. globalization corporation.

c. None of these.

d. foreign national.

e. wealth company.

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