What are the skills used by managers when performing the four functions of management?

Select one:

a. Functional, problem-solving, and technical

b. Communication, strategic, and innovative

c. Conceptual, human, and technical

d. Analytical, interpersonal, and financial

e. Conceptual, interpersonal, and organizational

Which of these refers to an unincorporated business owned by an individual for profit?

Select one:

a. Association

b. Trade alliance

c. Partnership

d. Sole proprietorship

e. Corporation

Clear my choice

Whereas scientific management focused on ______ , administrative principles approach focused on the _______.

Select one:

a. employee competence, work flow through the organization

b. organization productivity, individual effort

c. employee ability, employee loyalty

d. efficient procedures, management by principle

e. individual productivity, total organization

The Forestville Freeze is regionally known for its employee training programs. Managers at the Freeze conduct research to determine the best candidate interviewing techniques. This involves use of which management approach?

a. Humanistic approach

b. Bureaucratic approach

c. Administrative principles approach

d. Scientific management approach

e. Behavioral sciences approach

Which of the following is NOT an appropriate legal structure for an entrepreneurial company?

Select one:

a. Corporation

b. All of these are appropriate legal structures for an entrepreneurial company.

c. Proprietorship

d. Trade alliance

e. Partnership

Culture tends to differ between ____, but appears similar within ____.

Select one:

a. industries, geographical regions

b. people, organizations

c. groups, industries

d. organizations, groups

e. organizations, industries

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