Accessing panels across the globe

Cint ( is a Swedish software company that produces and sells online marketing research products. Cint developed Direct Sample as an open marketplace platform. This enables online research to be conducted by bringing together panel owners and sample buyers. Together they can buy and sell access to over 5 million members of research panels in more than 40 countries. The company has an extensive list of clients and partners spanning most of the large market research groups, media and web-based companies, branding and advertising agencies, plus medium and small research agencies and other organisations involved in marketing research. The panels accessed through Cint were built by several major brands, such as Habbo, Bounty and Metro, plus leading research agencies. These brands have strong relationships with their customers so the affinity levels and participant engagement were high. Cint performs quality checks for surveys (language, logic, adherence to the industry standards) for online questionnaires coming to the Cint Panel Exchange (Cint’s global marketplace for buyers and sellers of samples) from market research professionals, before allowing these surveys to be dispatched to the panels.

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