Knight and Latreille (2001) reported on research they carried out into the gender effect in unfair dismissal cases dealt with by UK employment tribunals. Some if their results were:

• 69% of unfair dismissal cases were brought by men; • 71% of cases that reach a full hearing were brought by men; • women were considerably more likely to be offered a settlement by their employers prior to the tribunal hearing; • 51% of cases brought by women resulted in a settlement, compared with only 44% in the case of male claimants; • 49% of the women won their cases, only 37% of men won their cases; • men represented themselves at the hearing in 34% of cases, for women the figure was only 19%; • women won 57% of cases in which they represented themselves, the figure for men was 36%.


1 Why are men more likely than women to bring unfair dismissal cases to the tribunal?

2 What could explain the apparent success of women claimants relative to men?

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