Parliament of Ghana passed the Whistleblower Act (Act 720) in 2006 as an important
anti-corruption tool. The purpose of the Act is to improve the nation’s ability to fight
corruption and other forms of unlawful conduct that negatively affect our
development. The law is based on the idea that if ordinary citizens are empowered to
disclose, without fear of victimization, the corrupt and other unlawful acts of other
persons, millions of cedis will be saved every year, respect for decent behavior and
integrity will increase, the quality of public service will improve, and Ghana will see
speedy development. For these reasons, the law encourages and supports individuals
to “blow the whistle” on unlawful or other illegal conduct or corrupt practices of other
a) Comparing the price whistle blowers pay to the reward the state will give them,
would you encourage someone to blow the whistle on corrupt practices and why?
EV(8 )
b) Despite the passage of Act 720, some Ghanaians are still against the whistle
blower protection Act. Provide reasons to support or refute the protection of whistle
blowers in Ghana?
c) Are managers really unaware of the unethical actions of their employees or are
they willingly turning a blind eye? Discuss using practical examples in the Ghanaian
d) Interpret the article in the 1992 constitution of Ghana that prescribes the
standards of behavior or conduct of public officials?
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