A woman died recently, after a short, unhappy life. She wanted her ashes to be scattered in
the ocean near a place she lived during one of the brief happy times of her adult life. Her
parents and immediate family had already passed away, so she discussed her wishes with
her mother-in-law, who said she would comply with her daughter-in-law’s wishes. In her
will, the woman gave control of her estate to the mother-in-law. The will stated that the
woman’s ashes should be scattered in the ocean, as described above. Instead, her mother?in-law buried the ashes in a family plot near her home, because she wanted to keep the
ashes close to her because of her own grief. Assume that the mother-in-law is legally
required to follow the wishes stated in the will, but that no one will check and it is very
unlikely that the mother-in-law will have any problem with the law.
a) What are the issues of integrity, ethics and law posed in the case study? AN (8)
b) What options does the mother-in-law have?
c) What should she do and why?
d) With a clear understanding of water pollution, will it be ethically right for the mother?in-law to scatter the ashes of the dead woman in the ocean in the quest to fulfill her

Expert Answer

If we look at the given case study, it indicates that an unhappy woman died after writing a will i

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