The following table contains the steps used in learning about organizational behavior.
Identify the order in which the steps are usually taken.
Step in Learning Organizational Behavior
Master basic objective knowledge. Develop specific skills and abilities. Apply knowledge and skills. 2. Use your knowledge of how to develop skills in organizational behavior to answer the following questions.
Sally is attempting to improve her critical thinking skills. Which of the following activities will help her to do that? Check all that apply.
a. Gather as much data as possible.
b. Approach data scientifically.
c. Ask questions about theories.
d. Separate fads from plausible theories.
3. In order to acquire skills in organizational behavior, students must do which of the following? Check all that apply.
a. Accept responsibility for their own behavior
b. Consider the costs of their actions
c. Actively participate in structured learning activities
d. Be open to new ideas
4. It is good to practice new skills in a classroom before you try them at work because schools offer a safe place to do which of the following? Check all that apply.
a. Determine the outcomes of changes in behavior
b. Apply new behaviors in an unstructured setting
c. Test theories in experiments
d. Develop new theories
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