The following is what you need to include for the body of the report. Keep in mind the sub points that you need to include (make sure each new section starts on another page).

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Diagrams
  • List of Tables
  • Introduction (provide an overview of what the report will be about etc.)
  • Company Background
    • Overview of your Company
    • Company logo (optional – if you run out of time don’t worry too much about it)
    • Company details
    • Floorplan design of the head office
  • Market Scan of Available Technology
    • Research and design global network infrastructure based on available technology in the market.
    • What networking technology options are available, outline costs, explain advantages and disadvantages?
  • Make a Recommendation
    • Detail assumptions and constraints
    • Consider local telecommunications factors in the branch locations
    • Consider local computer hardware factors in the branch locations
    • Consider the nature of the work the staff of the company in the locations
    • Briefly outline alternative options that the team considered before agreeing on the design
  • Network Design
    • Existing System
    • New Design
      • Design the global network communications infrastructure
      • Explain services chosen in the design
      • Explain high level protocols and configuration
      • Outline the security considerations
    • Provide network diagrams
    • High level implementation plan
  • Application Migration
    • This section outlines the business benefits to approving the implementation of the network design
    • Outline the application options that will be available following the implementation of the proposed network design
    • This section should be very high level
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices (provide an overview of this section)
    • Appendix A: Section break down of the report
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