1. What role does HR planning play in employee training and development?

    • It helps identify training and development needs.
    • It formalizes the process of developing talent from within the organization to fill needed roles.
    • It performs an appraisal to reveal certain performance deficiencies.
    • It designs training programs to alleviate any deficiencies.
  2. Which of the following does nothelp ensure that the performance evaluation process is effective?

    • Making sure objective judgments are used
    • Letting subordinates review their appraisals
    • Conducting evaluations on all employees
    • Using subjective criteria
  3. When it comes to performance appraisals, supervisors and incumbents often see the process from different perspectives. Which factor below is usually seen from the perspective of the supervisor?

    • Problems with machinery
    • Lack of support for the employee
    • Lack of cooperation from other coworkers
    • The employee’s ability
  4. What is the formal structural system of measuring, evaluating, and influencing an employee’s job-related attributes, behaviors, and outcomes?

    • Training
    • Performance appraisal
    • Development
    • The ADDIE model
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