1. Phyllis thinks to herself, “I really wish that I wanted to study instead of play that video game!” Phyllis’ desire to want to study is an example of a ___________ (5pts)
    1. First-order desire
    2. Second-order desire
  2. Phil wants to buy a new watch, but knows that he should save the money for rent instead. Against his better judgment, Phil purchases the watch. Phil’s purchase was motivated by a(n) ______________ (5pts)
    1. Autonomous desire
    2. Nonautonomous desire
  3. According to the __________________ managers ought to try to balance the interests of employees, owners, and suppliers. (5pts)
    1. Economic model for CSR
    2. Philanthropic model for CSR
    3. Stakeholder model for CSR
  4. Phil has a boring job stuffing envelopes all day. He says to his co-worker: “I actually don’t mind this job. Don’t get me wrong, the work is awful! But it pays well, and I get enough free time to do the things I really care about outside of work—things like coaching hockey and cooking!” Which model of the meaning and value of work best fits with Phil’s attitude? (5pts)
    1. Classical model of work
    2. Hedonistic model of work
    3. Human fulfilment model of work
    4. Liberal model of work
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