Which of the following statements about the role of the government in compensation is true?

Select one:
a. Legislation says that overtime is paid on time compensated, not on time worked.
b. Legislation aims at protecting specific groups and also tends to expand that group’s participation in the labour m
c. Lowering interest rates by the government generally lowers manufacturing and this decreased business activity ti labour.
d. Legislation ensures that the employees are protected from exploitation and given a fair pay.
Employee stock ownership plans:
Select one
a. provide employees with end-of-year bonuses that do not build into their base pay
b. provide employees with the right to purchase stock at a specified (exercise) price for a fixed time period
C. offer employees the opportunity to purchase company stock, often partially or fully matched by employer-paid stock for the employee
d. grant stock options to employees at all levels rather than just senior executives W
A group of employees with whom a strong and long-term relationship is desired is:
Select one:
a. temporary workers
b. contingent workers
c. part-time casual employees
d. core employees

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