How Will You Deliver Your Message? Now that you’ve determined the purpose of your message, identified your primary audience, and analyzed your audience’s needs, it’s time to select a medium for your message. You have several media options, including a group meeting, one-on-one meeting, telephone conference, text message, email message, or written memorandum. You also have a number of factors to consider in making a decision about the most appropriate medium: 1. Are you making a personal appeal to an individual or a larger audience? 2. Are you communicating a simple request or a more complex message that may require additional documents or supporting material that may persuade her? 3. Do you want to give the receiver time to consider your proposal or create a situation in which the audience feels compelled to respond immediately? 4. How would you prefer to respond to objections—”on the fly” or taking time to consider those objections, collect additional evidence to support your position, and compose a reply? After considering each of these factors, you determine that you are directing your appeal to an individual (Tina Bagley), and your persuasive message will be complex. Additionally, considering the complexity of your appeal, you want to give Tina adequate time to carefully consider your appeal, and you would prefer taking time to review objections before responding. Given these considerations, which of the following would be the most appropriate medium for your message? Select an option from the choices below and click Submit. Select an option from the choices below and click Submit. Text message to Tina Telephone conference with Tina Q Email or written memo to Tina Face-to-face meeting with Tina
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