Which of the following is TRUE? The meat in Pavlov’s experiment with dogs was the conditioned stimulus, Vertical loading is likely to involve delegating some responsibilities to employees that were formerly performed by higher level employees such as managers or staff specialists Vicarious learning works best for people whose work requires them to work alone. When rewards are given for good work performance, but work performance does not actually improve or remain at a high level, those rewards are still considered reinforcers. MBO is most effective when employees believe that they will receive rewards when they meet their goals. Socks are generally a highly effective reinforcer for young adult males. (Do not pick this choice.) 1: 12 2: 4 Schedules of reinforcement can be systematically applied in organizations in order to change employees’ behaviors. However, they do have at least one possible problem: Because managers tend to apply the same schedule to everyone, they may neglect to adequately consider individual differences among people. This problem may be minimized by: trying to select and hire employees who value the rewards offered by the organization making sure that everyone gets the same rewards. insuring that company goals are achieved. allowing employees to participate in determining their rewards, Pick this choice if exactly two of the other choices are correct
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