Which type of global design allows a division to focus on a single? product, allowing managers to gain expertise in all aspects of that? product? A. Hybrid global design B. Global product design C. Global functional design D. Global customer design E. Global area design

Allowing subsidiaries discretion over? strategy, finance production and marketing is an example of which of the? following? A. Centralization B. Decentralizaiton C. Coordination D. Accountability E. Informal management network

Which of the following plays a major role in the decisions that firms make about? foreign-market entry and? expansion? A. Organizational control B. Responsibility center control C. Strategic control D. Generic organizational control E. Operations control

Which control calls for a firm to concentrate its organizational control system on the actual mechanics the firm uses to develop? strategies? A. Operations control B. Responsibility center control C. Planning process control D. Organizational control E. Generic organizational control

Which step in establishing international control systems can become difficult when performance measures are not? concrete?

Setting a control standard for performance

Establishing international control systems

Responding to deviations in standards

Comparing performance against standards

Measuring actual performance

Which of the following is typically TRUE about setting up an accounting system for an international? firm?

These systems are more difficult than domestic systems.

These systems have fewer regulations that domestic systems.

These systems are unable to be shared with domestic systems.

These systems are shared with domestic systems.

These systems are easier than domestic systems.

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