Industry concentration is the extent to which _____

Question 16 options:

digitization has overtaken the industry

entry exceeds exit

a small of number of firms dominate the industry

a large number of firms dominate the industry

Question 17 (1 point)
Industry analysis is useful when evaluating the performance of an organization because _____

Question 17 options:

not all industries are equally profitable

investment capital tends to be distributed by industry

competition varies by industrial classification

shareholders care about industries more than organizations

Question 18 (1 point)
Rivalry within an industry tends to be _______ when the growth rate of the industry is _____.

Question 18 options:

low, in decline

moderate, minimal

temperamental, volatile

high, low

Question 19 (1 point)
Industries where price is a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions are _____ competitive than industries where other factors beside price impact consumer decision making.

Question 19 options:





Question 20 (1 point)
Each step in the production of a good or service should add value over and above ____

Question 20 options:

the material and labour inputs

the production limits

the cost of capital

what competitors can achieve

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