Rest-Eazzy, a bedroom furniture company, was established 15 years ago. It started as a single store operating in Melbourne and now has outlets in all states and territories of Australia. Rest-Eazzzy’s sales have increased 20% each year for the last 3 years. The original sales and receivables system has been unable to keep pace with the increasing volume of sales invoices, statements, and customers accounts. Processing has been so slow that Rest-Eazzzy is starting to feat that its customers will turn to other more efficient suppliers in an increasingly completive environment. Rest-Eazzzy currently utilizes a range of different systems to support its operations. The data held from these systems resides on several database and in some cases the data resides in more than one database. In many cases, there is no direct integration between the system, requiring the use of various software programs that transfer data from one system to another. For example, one software system at Rest-Eazzzy is used in the purchasing department, a different system is used in the warehouse to record order arrivals, and yet another is used for customer-product matching. A specially written software program issued to transfer the data form purchasing department system to the warehouse department. These systems are maintained by e-commerce services where it can transact with suppliers and customers electronically and online. However, these systems often do not work incorrectly, and down time is substantial as Rest-Eazzzy must wait for external software specialists to fix the problem. Required. a. Identify three control weakness and explain the problems these may cause Rest-Eazzzy related to the revenue and Suggest three ways in which Rest-Eazzzy could make their system more efficient
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