The Boyle temperature, arise in material thermodynamics, determines as the temperature for which the second virial coefficient B*(T*) becomes zero. Write and save the user-defined function with name Problem_4_18. The function should have the dimensionless temperature T* and number n of the LJ-type potential as the input parameters and the dimensionless Boyle temperature T_Boyle as the output parameter. The second virial coefficient should be obtained by the call to the Problem_4_16 with the inputting temperatures T*¼1, 2, …, 20 and parameter n ¼6; calculate by the defined second virial coefficients, the Boyle temperature using the interp1 function when the interpolated B* value equals to zero. Generate the plot that shows the solid line of the second virial coefficient as a function of temperature and the Boyle point marked with circle. Add the formatting commands to the plot.

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