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Slide 1:
What is a startup?
•A startup is a company/project which is undertaken by entrepreneur.
•An entrepreneur seeks to develop his project/idea into a scalable business model.
•A company that’s in the initial phase of it’s business is tagged as a startup.

Slide 2:
Key people associated with a startup-:
i. CEO
ii. Manager
iii. Financial Advisor
iv. Designer
v. Social media advisor

Slide 3:
Core responsibilities of a CEO-:
i. Setting the strategy & direction.
ii. Building the culture of startup.
iii. To lead the executive team of the startup.
iv. Taking up long/short term roles.

Slide 4:
Functions of the Manager-:
i. Helps in planning
ii. Contributes in organizing the workforce of the startup.
iii. Leads the team.
iv. Control the startup.

Slide 5:
Functions of the financial advisor-:
i. Guides the CEO regarding investment planning.
ii. Suggests about the financial health of the startup.
iii. Plans the entire finance of the organization.

Slide 6:
•A designer in a start up helps to design the promotional materials and the startup’s communication materials.

•It’s the designer who sets the look of the startup.

Slide 7:
Functions of the social media advisor-:
•plans social media strategy of the startup.
•Plans to increase the rich.
•creates and curates content for the social media.
•designs the social media strategy.
•engage the clients through social media.

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