COMPANY:China National Petroleum

  1. Remember that you need to provide some background information about the organization since others may not be familiar with it.
  1. Describe how your organization applies the four functions of Management: PLANNING, ORGANIZING, LEADING, AND CONTROLLING.
  1. Analyze how these four functions will help or currently helps the organization to grow into the GLOBALIZATION EXPANSION OF TECHNOLOGY.

Please remember that this is a scholarly paper, and not an opportunity to vent. Your opinion is not as important as the factual information you discover and support with research.

This assignment is a research paper 10-12pages long

  • Comprehensive description of organizational vision, mission, goals and structure
    • Discussion of leadership styles/theories/models
    • Analysis of organizational commitment to the vision
    • Evaluation of organization’s ability to achieve the vision
    • Logical flow of ideas
    • Overall organization of the assignment

Use of Third Person

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