Read the case carefully and complete the proposal byfilling in the correct sentence NUMBERS. (Some parts of the proposal will have more than one sentence)

TGI Fridays Co.:

1.In 1965, TGI Fridays opened its first location in New York City offering high-quality, authentic American food and drinks backed by genuine service. 2.Bringing people together to socialize and celebrate the spirit of “Friday” is core to their promise that‘In Here, It’s Always Friday’.

3.The company then created an expansion strategy to meet the increasing demand.

4.Fridays restaurants currently comprises 889 restaurants in 60 countries.

5. But with expansion the organizational environment is becoming more and more complex.

6.In a vastly competitive environment, where Friday s restaurants are always experiencing a change, it becomes more and more difficult to keep strict control.

7. In the presence of a large workforce, the need for control becomes increasingly crucial.

8. However, Fridays Co. reported 35% drop in earnings for the second quarter of 2017.

9. In an attempt to understand the causes of such drop, Fridays company has discovered that customer satisfaction massively dropped.

10 While gathering information related to the reasons behind the major drop in customer satisfaction, the following comments were given from the customers.

11. Many complaints about inappropriate staff behavior.

12. Many complaints about food quality.

13. Long waiting time.

14. Employees are not taking care of hygiene and cleanliness.

15. In general, they con?rm that the food and service quality are below the standards set by the company.

16.The following comments were given by the restaurant staff: Salary is different for the same levels in different restaurants.

17. Nobody cares about how we feel.

18. High staff turnover pressure on existing serving staff and managers.

19.Fridaysneeds for transformation to re-gain customer trust.

20.Fridays Co. should adapt its customer research model in response to demand, with ’pace of experience’ which become the lead measure.

21.The working hours and pay scale of the staff must undergo revision.

22.The restaurant also should start training ensuring all staff reach a minimum standard.

23.Menushouldberefreshed, and healthy options should be considered.

24. Fridays Co. is now under a real threat of going out of business.

25. It may be labelled asjunk food suppliers and poor serviceprovider if changes are not made.


Sentence Number

Analysis of the problem:

The Reasons:

Proposed Solutions:

Risk to the organisation if the proposed changes are not made:

b.Read thesentences below and decide the function of each sentence by specifyingwhich states a claim and which statesasupport. Fill your answersin the blank boxes.



1.It is often assumed that firms are simply concerned to maximize profits: that they are not concerned with broader issues of social responsibility.
2.It is then argued, however, that competitive forces could result in society benefiting from the self-interested behaviours of firms :i.e. that profit maximization will lead to social efficiency under conditions of perfect competition and the absence of cost.
3.But, as we have seen, in the real world, markets are not perfect and there is often cost.
4.Many forms of market failure can be attributed directly to business practices that could not be classified as ‘socially responsible’: advertising campaigns that seek to misinform or in some way deceive the consumer; monopoly producers exploiting their monopoly positions through charging excessively high prices; the conscious decision to ignore water and air pollution limits; knowing that the chances of being caught are slim.
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