Describe and explain the importance of the development of human resources including performance management, employee development, and employee separation and retention. What are examples of administrative decisions that might be made in managing the performance of professors?

Developmental decisions? Explain the differences between the traditional and continuous performance management process. Why are companies changing their performance management systems? Is this a good idea? Think of the last time you had a conflict with another person, either at work or at school. Using the guidelines for performance feedback, how would you provide effective performance feedback to that person? How could assessment be used to create a productive work team? List and explain the characteristics of effective 360-degree feedback systems. Why do companies develop formal mentoring programs? What are the potential benefits for the mentor? For the protégé? The discipline and discharge procedures described in this module are systematic. In your opinion, should some offenses lead to immediate dismissal? If so, how would you justify this to a court if you were sued for wrongful discharge?

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