work breakdown structure outline for a 5k. what can i put on the evaluation area?

1. Developing 5k run 1.1. Research 1.1.1. Research Sponsors 1.1.2. Research ways to get people to volunteer 1.1.3. Research locations 1.2. Listing 1.2.1. List sponsors to call 1.2.2. List way to get volunteers 1.2.3. List Location 1.3. Approvals 1.3.1. Call sponsors 1.3.2. Call Church to get volunteers 1.3.3. Call location 2. Administering 2.1. instruct volunteers 2.1.1. Administrating entrance 2.1.2. Hydration Stations 2.1.3. Finish line Timer 2.1.4. Information desk 2.2. 2.3. Location guidance 2.3.1. Volunteers will give guidance at hydration stations 2.3.2. Guiding arrows place on visible areas 2.3.3. 3. Evaluation

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