aestion 5 5 of 10 2 points Majid Al Futtaim recently inaugurated global retailer Carrefour’s largest regional distribution centre of the National Industri Park (NIP) in Dubel. The facility for thesis of Carlos current largest distribution centre Miguel Povedano, the executive regional director for Carrefour UAE at Majid Al Futtaim Retail said the new darbuon contre les dad warehousing, storage and logistics technologies. The multi-temperature storage at the new distribution centre in designed to meet the storage needs of the different food types and ory well as warehousing for non-food goods. With a total storage capacity of over 100 milion units, it can support Carrefour’s brick and mortar stores Identify and explain the channel integration system implemented by Carrefour a global retailer as per the scenario presented above.
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