“SOUTHWEST AIRLINES” Perform a SWOT analysis SWOT Analysis Outline Subject and Purpose of the SWOT Analysis (What is being analyzed & why) Selected Organization and Associated Mission & Vision Statements Summary of Resources Utilized (e.g. individuals participating, functions and/or departments used as sources, and/or research and data collection performed) SWOT Matrix (matrix populated with detailed/specific statements) Summary of Strengths Summary of Weaknesses Summary of Opportunities Summary of Threats Discussion of the SWOT Outcome (Leveraging Strengths to overcome Weaknesses and Threats, Capitalizing on Opportunities, and Identifying new strengths/capabilities that may need to be developed to capitalize on opportunities) Conclusions and Recommendations (Include your insights gained, strategic “ideas” to consider going forward, specific actions to take, and further research/analysis yet to be performed. (Note: You must include this step and the previous step in your paper since they are the real analysis pieces in the assignment, and will provide you with strategic options to consider as input to your Strategy Plan.) References Grading Rubric: Introduction 15 Subject and Purpose of the SWOT Analysis 5 Brief Overview of your Selected Organization and associated Mission & Vision Statements 5 Summary of Resources Utilized in SWOT Analysis 5 Summary of SWOT Analysis 45 SWOT Matrix 5 Summary of Strengths 10 Summary of Weaknesses 10 Summary of Opportunities 10 Summary of Threats 10 Outcome 20 Discussion of SWOT Outcome 10 Conclusions and Recommendations 10 Presentation and Format 20 Following APA Guidelines 10 Document Sectioning, Quality of Writing, Clarity, Readability, Flow, Grammar, and Spelling 10 Total 100


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