Strategic Entrepreneurship

Part I:

Please read Ch. 8

  1. post an executive summary of the chapter

Note: as you cover the key/core topics, please imagine “real-life” examples of what these business concepts would look-like/feel like, if implemented them into YOUR future career business ideas. I will be specifically looking for this in grading your homework forward. Be Creative. Make it FUN. Dream! In addition, write as best as possible this Executive Summary of each Chapter in your own words. Your homework does not need to sound like the book; but I do appreciate your adding Capstone references IF you use direct quotes from the book (not mandatory).

Part II

Please send a YouTube video of your choice with three bullets describing what you learned from each topic, and how you can possibly utilize this knowledge in your business

The topics this week are (type into YouTube exactly how I’ve listed) 

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Cryptocurrency

3. Blockchain

4. How to build an APP 2019 

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