strategy and planning 1

How does strategic, operational, and tactical planning differ? Considering what you know about your organization, an organization discussed in the course materials, or an organization that you wish to research, how do the three levels complement one another in the organization?


Start each initial post in a separate thread. Each initial discussion question post should be a minimum of 150 words and should include references to the course materials or outside research.


Example Discusion Answer:


I understand that in order to be successful, you need to be focus and plan for your future. It could be both personal or professional. In an organization, you must acquire experience and specify your goals. As a front line manager, operational goals can be attain within a year and drive your team to attain results. When I was a manager of an authorized retail store, I knew I had personal goals and store goals to follow. I had to balance each and every one of those goals to be successful. I created a strategic plan and my plan was to beat all other stores year over year within my area of sales. I developed a  plan to minimize the amount of reps in my store and focus our growth in market share. We knew we had some disadvantages, but we knew it was an attainable task. My tactical resources were to reach out within our hispanic community, and let them know about our great customer service. I knew it was very challenging, because there were multiple stores offering the same cell phone products and services. I brought knowledge and experience to sales reps so we can provide best customer service in class. In the end, the strategic planning was to incorporate minimal amount of employees in the store so we can be more efficient, and grow the business to uncover untapped demographics. I was very pleased because it was the only store in Arkansas to meet sales objectives and increase year over year numbers by 15%. I also had a pretty good team that believed in me only because I had a vision. My vision was clear and easy to understand. I communicated very effective and the team I managed knew I was there to help out with their needs.



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