Subject : Strategic Management in a Global Environment link to download the case: SAFARICOM: INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO EMPOWER KENYANS DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Are the advantages Safaricom has in the Kenyan market transferable to other countries in Africa? Should Safaricom expand to other countries? If so, how should they do it? 2. With over a quarter of a million retail outlets already selling Safaricom’s products in Kenya, where are the avenues for future growth? 3. How can Safaricom take maximum advantage of its relationship with Vodafone?

1. The advantages that Safaricom has in the Kenyan market can be viewed as an attribute that the company can use it to transfer it to other countries since it has a national presence and understands what strategies go well in the African market. Africa is considered as one of the country with weak economy. Surviving in such an economy is indeed challenging and calls for a really innovative leader with good vision. Safaricom has become successful with its key strategies of tapping the market by serving the needy. Safaricom being a successful venture should definitely expand to other countries.

When a company decides to expand globally it first will have to study the local market of the country and merge with either one of the strongest provider or the weakest provider. Merging or acquiring the strongest competitor will give reputation and gaining the market share will be easy but the process will be very expensive. Rather when a weak player ia acquired, it will be easy to penetrate the market by understanding where they have failed and thereby filling the gap.

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