summary/ notes

there needs to be a 3 to 4 pages summary/notes by reading the following ebook THE CULUTRAL INTELLIGENCE DIFFERENCE  posted in the attachments about the things mentioned below:  just write notes/summary about the things below by reading the ebook….


summarize and write about

Chapters 3-6 present each capability area and the strategies you can use to improve your capabilities

o   Each strategy is explored and then the author challenges you to choose 1 or 2 of the strategies to improve your CQ.

o   He forces you to commit to starting your work within the next week, rather than sometime in the future.


write about


how it makes you aware of the things that you do and their impact on you cross cultural interactions.



 write about how it Helps you identify weaknesses and explore techniques to improve on them and turn them into strengths.




write about CQ Strategy (chapter 5)

          The   Chart with strategies listed

          A Scenario

          How the book would suggest improving your performance


write about CQ Action (chapter 6)

          Chart with strategies listed


          How the book would suggest improving your performance










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