Supply and Demand

Critique and Analysis of Supply and Demand Article

Find a current event article about supply and demand (less than one year old).  Preferably the article will be from the UCW database of newspapers and magazines or other reliable source. It need not be a complicated article nor does it necessarily have to mention the words supply and demand. However, it should be interesting to you. 

The purpose of this exercise is for you to demonstrate that you understand the law of supply and demand.  The other purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your critical thinking skills by critiqueing and analyzing the article.

The paper should contain the following sections:

  1. Introduction or Executive Summary (2 points)
  2. Economic analysis – use your economic terminology to explain what is going on in the article.(3 points)
  3. Supply and Demand graphs to illustrate the article.(2 points)
  4. Critique the article. For example, do you agree or disagree with it? Explain why or why not.  Has something been omitted in the writing of the article? What would make this a better or more complete article? Use your own words here to give an opinion about the article.(4 points)
  5. Conclusion(2 points)
  6. References with a clear link to your article or the article itself within the text. (1 point)

Your paper will be graded on writing clarity and quality. Grammar is important! Be sure to demonstrate critical thinking skills, use economic concepts and terms correctly, and anticipate any objections that can be raised.

Papers should be a minimum of two pages, spaced 1.5 and a maximum of around 1000 words, using standard APA style (1 point). (See the link for an APA template on the library link). Please keep in mind that it is more import to get to the point of the article rather than to add “fluff” to your writing.

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