synthesis paper 24


The objective of this paper is to synthesize course (classroom and reading) material from February 6-25 with the book The End of White Christian America by Robert P. Jones. Note: This is not a summary or critical analysis of the book, but rather a synthesis of Jones’ arguments in discourse with the lectures and courses discussion.


Using materials in this section of the course (Feb. 6-25), place the materials in conversation with Jones’ book. What kind of argument can be made about religion in America? Some possible guiding questions: How does Jones’ data integrate into class materials related to the topic of apocalyptic tendencies? How does race continue to play a significant role in the development of religion in America? What arguments can be made religion in America from the material thus far? Where are the overlaps of the materials? Where does the material diverge? What does Raboteau’s narrative tell us about religion in America that has not been covered in lectures?

Students should make arguments about the material – not merely summarize. I suggest using this format for each paragraph: Argument sentence (Example: Religion in America is _______ or Religion is complicated by…). Explain what is meant by the argument. Use the lectures and primary readings to support your argument or contradict your argument. Use the book to support or contradict your argument.

Students should also include a strong thesis statement. As an example, in the first paragraph, a clear sentence might state, This paper will argue X, Y, and Z regarding religion in America.

**In-class materials must be referenced in the paper along with readings.


  • 3-5 Pages, double-spaced
  • MLA Citation Formatting
  • 1″ margins and 12 Times New Roman font
  • Minimum of 3 sources

Here is a link to the End of White Christian America book it is in Kindle Cloud Reader with the username and password.



Password: Abcd1234

in the attached files there are the primary readings.

Note: pleas this is a SYNTHESIS paper of the end of White Christian America book not a report or research.

Pleas follow the instructions very carefully, you have to use the 3 sources i gave you the 2 reading and the book of white christian. site them in the paper pleas. i also, attached the thesis and outline.

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