systems analysis and analyzing quantitative results

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Baldrige case focus: systems analysis and analyzing quantitative results.

The Baldrige Quality Performance criteria are the “Gold Standard” for assessing quality performance in businesses. There is a lot to learn, but it is worth the effort. You might very well want to introduce the Baldrige standards to your own company. Companies that are committed to continuous improvement often have a full time manager responsible for doing a Baldrige analysis. This might turn into a career advancement.

Read the entire application to gain an overview of the company. Take notes. You’ll only work with categories 4, 6 and 7.

Make sure you utilize the Tips suggestions from that document in Activities.

Pay special attention to the Profile, You will only be responsible for analyzing three Categories: Category 4 Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management both (4.1 Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of Organizational Performance and 4.2 Management of Information, Information Technology and Knowledge) and Category 6 Process Management (6.1 Work Systems Design and 6.2 Work Process Management and Improvement). Lastly analyze the associated Category 7 Results for Category 4 and 6 only.

You will have the option of working in a group again. You may form new groups if you wish. Groups may vary in size from 3-5 people. If you plan to work in groups, please make the arrangements with your classmates and inform me.

You will evaluate the applicant’s performance using the Evaluation Processes provided in the Baldrige Excellence Framework There are 2 major tasks to this assignment.

1) In your analysis of each category 4 and 6 noted above, you will identify ONE STRENGTH of the organization in that whole category and ONE OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPROVEMENT (OFI) for that Category. Explain your rationale for identifying them as such. Evidence from the application is probably the best evidence in this case. NOTE: You do not have to do Strengths and OFIs for every sub-category. If you see additional striking examples you are welcome to add them.

2) You must evaluate the quantitative evidence provided in the Results Category (7). You must indicate whether or not they have provided Levels, Trends, Comparisons/Benchmarks and Integration.

You must provide comprehensive headings so I know what the focus is in that section. For example, Heading: Strengths in Category X or OFI for Category Y.

All analysis should be essay length answers, not short answers.

Place your Word document containing a minimum of one Strength and one Opportunity for Improvement comment. [You are welcome to make more if you wish.] These should follow the format of the Sample comments for 7.3.

Your comments will be evaluated on:

  • Clarity of content – communication skills
  • Accuracy of the description and analysis of the data
  • Modeling of the format for useful comments demonstrated in the Sample doc.
  • The comment is actionable and contains a compelling “so what” statement
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