team charter memo

Now that you have begun discussing work with your group, to include the purpose and function of collaboration, your individual strengths and weaknesses as team members, and the various collaborative tools at your disposal, you will make a Team Charter Memo that outlines your workflow and the standards and expectations of your group.

Remember that the more time and effort you put into working through the details below, the more smoothly your project will run. Your memo should include the following information:

  • You team’s chosen name (QTR STUDENT)
  • Your team’s selected problem or issue
    • Why the problem is important (specifically, here on campus/in the community)
    • Why you think you can help
  • Brief bios and contact information for each member
    • For bios, identify the background and skills each member possesses. Each bio should only be a few sentences, and the information listed should be relevant to the work you will be doing for the project.
  • Your team’s chosen collaboration method(s)
    • i.e., Google docs, virtual meetings on a regular schedule (e.g., every Thursday, etc.), Trello, Slack, etc.
  • Your team’s planned workflow (i.e., a Gantt chart or other visual)
    • Look at the project deadlines and plan how you will stage work on the project to meet all deadlines
  • Your team’s standards and expectations
    • Statement of how the team will resolve impasses or conflicts
    • Statement of how the team will handle missed deadlines
    • Statement of what constitutes unacceptable work and how the team will handle this
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