For the first part of this discussion, address the following:

Think ahead about the processes you will go through to terminate treatment with your clients at the end of the quarter.

How will you consider your clients’ experiences with endings, as you plan for your own termination with them?

How will you assist your clients to make a transition to a new counselor, or make plans for other services or resources they may need after they end their therapy with you?

Think of the relationships that have ended in your own life.

In what ways might these terminations affect the closure of your cases?

How will you prepare to address any feelings or countertransference issues that emerge during termination with any of your clients?

Are there any rituals or other specific interventions that you might include as part of the termination process?

How do these interventions align with the theoretical approach you are using with these clients?

How will you know if they are effective?

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