terms definitions and sentences

Terms, definition and sample sentences in your own words.

  • Choose 10 terms from the 20 provided
  • Provide a brief definition (in your own words)
  • Then, provide a brief example that illustrates your understanding of the term chosen.Examples should focus on social welfare policy.
  • Please keep your definition within 2 sentences
  • Each example answer within 4-5 sentences
  1. Beneficence
  2. Fairness
  3. Social Justice
  4. Structural discrimination
  5. The feminization of poverty
  6. An ecological or systems perspective
  7. Ideology
  8. Preservation of life
  9. Policy Advocacy–micro, mezzo and macro
  10. Racism
  11. Social construction
  12. Inclusion
  13. Coalition-building
  14. Dominant narrative
  15. Water crisis in Flint MI
  16. Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  17. Department of Health and Human Services
  18. Anti-vaccine protestors
  19. Vulnerable populations
  20. Social problem framing
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