the caused climate change by global warming and how it affect wildlife and environment

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– The attached file is my outline, and this what you need to write about.
– No Introduction or conclusion. You need to work on Body only.
– Please at least use 3 sources.


– Collaborative Persuasive Presentation and Report: Your team will create an analytic report following a problem-solution format. Analysis of the problem/issue and development of an appropriate recommendation communicated in both written and oral forms should follow specific requirements discussed in class. The focus of the assignment will be on audience analysis and development of your persuasive message according to a problem/solution format that provides sound evidence/support, and cites credible sources. In addition to building upon extemporaneous public speaking skills, useful and well-presented visual aids are required in the group presentation. Although complementary, the written report will follow its own format and will not be a written version of the presentation. Formal Group Paper (written in APA style). Each student must have minimum of 3 sources. Grade is shared by all group members. The group presentation of the proposal with the grade shared by all members in the group. Each member will speak 10 minutes, individual deductions occur if member doesn’t speak within the specified time.

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