the effect of child temperament on family life

For this assignment conduct research on temperament in young children. Write a 2-3 page paper that describes how a child’s temperament may affect his/her family life. In your paper:

  1. Define temperament in young children.
  2. Apply concepts of temperament to young children by including examples of what different temperaments look like in children. For example, how they approach new situations, solve problems, communicate, or respond to stress based on their temperament.
  3. Apply concepts of temperament to a child’s behavior and suggest specific ideas for individualized support.

    This is where you demonstrate your understanding of behavior in terms of the child’s temperament and approaching the behavior based on your understanding. For example, if a child has a feisty or difficult temperament, he may not handle transitions well. Therefore, to support the child’s needs, you would approach a transition time by giving the child enough warning time to prepare for the transition and guide the child through the transition with specific feedback.

  4. Describe how a child’s temperament can affect family life and include suggestions the family can use to support the child.

    This is a great place to discuss how you can use your understanding of the effects of a child’s temperament on family life to support children and families.

  5. Include in-text citations and references for sources used in APA format.
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