the evolution and future of hbcus msis and tribal colleges wk writing

The Evolution and Future of HBCUs, MSIs, and Tribal Colleges

[WLOs: 4, 6] [CLOs: 1, 3]

For this assignment, you will write a five to seven page paper which addresses the following:

  1. Evaluate the political, legal, and socioeconomic factors which lead to the creation and expansion of either (a) HBCUs, (b) Tribal Colleges, or (c) Minority Serving Institutions.
  2. Analyze the current social, economic, or political challenges facing these institutions in contemporary higher education.
  3. Analyze the opportunities of these institutions in shaping public policy and societal change.

Required Resources


Cohen, A. M. & Kisker, C. B. (2010). The shaping of American higher education: Emergence and growth of the secondary system (2nd ed). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

  • Chapter 3: University Transformation as the Nation Industrializes, 1870-1944, pp. 119; 156-157.
  • Chapter 4: Mass Higher Education in the Era of American Hegemony, 1945-1975, pp. 195-199; 215-219.
  • Chapter 5: Maintaining the Diverse System in an Era of Consolidation, 1976-1993, pp. 396-400.
  • Chapter 6: Privatization, Corporatization, and Accountability in the Contemporary Era, 1994-2009, pp. 461-471.

Lucas, C. J. (2006). American higher education: A history (2nd ed). New York, NY: Palgrave McMillan Book.

  • Chapter 5: The Evolving American University, pp. 160-171.
  • Chapter 6: American Academe in the Early Twentieth Century, pp. 212-218; 230-233; 260-266.


Minor, J. T. (2008). Segregation residual in higher education: A tale of two states. American Educational Research Journal, 45(4), 861-885.

Recommended Resources


Witt, A., Wattenbarger, J., Gollattscheck, J., & Suppiger, J. (1994). America’s community colleges: The first century. Washington, DC: Community College Press.


Teresa, B. B., & Lucas, C. J. (2006). The first hundred years. International Educator, 15(6), 26-33.


MinnWins. (2012, Feb 16). White earth nation – education is the answer (Links to an external site.) [Video]. YouTube.

Web Pages

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