The importance of following formal project management processes and its role in increasing project success

Importance of following project management are as follows:-

1.project management take care about what is being deliver is right project management makes sure that goal of project is properly align with strategic goal of the business.

2.leadership-without project management team is moving but they don’t know direction where to go what follow project management provides them proper direction towards achievement of goal.

3.focus on objective-project management focus on the objective and makes sub goals to achieve overall goal of the organisation.

4.Realistic-project management is more realistic because it k ow what to be delivered ,when to be delivered and how to be delivered .project management gives answer to all these questions.

5.Quality control -project management also take care of what is delivered and what actually to be delivered and find out the deviation nad take remedial meausre to correct it.

6.Risk management-project management is important because it takes care risk is properly managed and important steps has been taken to avoid it becoming a big issue.

7.project management also takes care right people do,right job and project follows the proper process.

8.project management is continuous project oversight ensuring that project is tracking against original plan.


without project management team is without goal and unclear objectives ,lack of resources and unclear planning ,high risk,poor quality therefore its important to follows properly.

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