the main focus is to write a formal report in regard to the criminal justice system area and how communication is used to enhance the way communication is used in this type of field 1

write minimum 2500 words based on the instructions

no plagiarism!

I just need a formal report on how I can use communication in conjunction with my field, criminal justice and criminology and how communication is key in my field and all other fields out there.

I have attached the required material to help ensure what is needed and how the final formal report should look like. In addition, the formal report is basically how communication comes hand in hand when used in a criminal justice type of work. I am majoring criminal justice and I have to write this report to further explain how the use of communication in my area would improve everything else.

Please let me know if you need anything else to help with the report. The progress report is the mini version of the formal report. Also, I am focusing on the company ARAMCO also and how internationally criminal justice employees are needed in companies, especially worldwide type of important companies.

The paper includes me having an interview with someone, but please bring 10 or less questions that I (hypthetacilly) already asked a crime analyst and how he responded with a good answer when it comes to how CRJ employees work around the country and/or world

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