the purpose of this change paper is for the student to identify a problem and propose an organizational change utilizing change theory the need or problem may be a system wide change or a specific unit change

Identify a need or problem in your organization. You should identify the target population affected by the problem or need and describe how they are affected by the problem.

2. Identify constraints that are operating or may operate against the change.

3. Identify factors supporting the change.

4. Specify the change theory being applied.

5. Develop goals and objectives of the proposed change.

6. Using the steps of the change model, describe the plan for action including recommended strategies and tactics to facilitate the change.

7. Identify the change agent and those activities of the change agent that are essential to the success of the project.

8. Describe the time frame for the implementation of the change.

9. Discuss roles of key personnel in the implementation of the project.

10. Describe mechanisms for feedback, assessment, and revision when actual potential problems are encountered.

11. Describe the ideal outcome as well as the ideal impact on the organization.

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