the relationship between football as a cultural capital and occupational social class

Faculty of Social Sciences – Assessment Brief for Students, 2019-20

3400 words

Assessment brief

Assessment One

Module code and title

5SL007 Doing Quantitative Research

Assessment type Groupwork

Assessment weighting 20%

Assessment brief (if appropriate, please refer to module assessment briefing document)

For this part of the assessment you must:

1. Write a hypothesis that tests the relationship between occupational social class and the aspect

of cultural capital that your group is concerned with.

2. Write two questionnaire questions that test your hypothesis. (I have included in the attachment}

3. Write brief rationale (explanation) of your hypothesis and questionnaire questions, i.e. why you

as a group came up with the hypothesis (and the direction of the hypothesis) and how your

questions test the hypothesis (this must include at least one reference).

4. Place your work in an appropriate format and save with your tutors in the Bristol Online Survey


Assessment Criteria (The actual assessment components for this assignment)


Ability of hypothesis to test the relationship between given aspect of cultural capital and occupational social


Ability of questions to test the hypothesis.

Clarity of rationale.

Coherence and clarity of language used.

Appropriate layout and design.

Check more information in the two attachments

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