there are 2 assignments

Assignment 1:

Part A:

Write a page discussing how you choose what to include in the coding scheme, and any lessons you have learned from this, you may refer to Lecture 2 slides No 2-7, No. 21 & 22 and a few references if needed.

To develop “Table 1: List of Codes Created from Theory and Created from Interview”, please remember

1. to read the two articles provided to create the codes.
2. may develop new codes not provided by the articles

Please note that the format of this Table is not fixed, you may use your creativity to modify the Table to a Table that can better explain your codes.

The details are in attachments “Assignment 2 Guidelines (3)”, please make sure you read it carefully before you start writing.

Part B:

There were questions on differences between codes, subcategories and categories. For clarity, I modified the previous Table of List of Codes posted at /Learning Materials/Assignment 2/Assignment 2 List of Code New Table. Please use this Table for your assignment. Although this Table is not fixed and may be modified as you see fit.

(Here only can upload 4 files. after bids i’ll send another files.)

Assignment 2:

At least 600 words.

The requirement is: For Assignment 2, please personalise your assignment step to the data you had analysed in Assignment 1. Personalisation refers to using examples in Assignment 1 (e.g. Tables created, theories used) to explain the step. Please write as if the writing is part of your explanation in your thesis.

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