Thinking about an organization familiar to you, which intervention do you think would work best to create organizational change in that organization. Explain you decision with examples.

Having worked with HCL, a leading Indian Multinational IT Services Company, for about 2 years, I realised that no Organisation is perfect and it is the combined efforts made by the employer and its employee which makes the company what it is. In a nutshell, the top management which has the sole work of risk taking and guiding the company’s direction, should come up with policies(with proper implementation) which are not only firm but also employee friendly. So that both of them can work in achieving long term and short term goals of the Organisation.

Hierarchy followed at the Client site:

I was employed at the client site(John Deere). The struture of management there was extremely hierarchical due to which the grievances of employees were sometimes suppressed and unheard. There were three management levels to be precise. If there were some discussions to be made by an employee at the lower level(like junior software developer, etc) to the higher management, he/she has to follow a chain. There is no portal/space where in we can get in touch with second level of management. Firstly you have to report that query to your manager then he/she will probe into it and see if it could be raised to higher level of management. It gets time consuming sometimes due to absentism, difference in shifts etc. Atleast there should be some leverage provided to the employee in the picture so that the concerns are easily communicated to the right person. Thus the structure needs to be flatened instead of hierarchical.

Complex leaves communication mechanism:

In my project, If I had to take leaves due to some circumstances, I had to first drop a mail to my first level HCL manager, then to Client Site’s Manager and then to the my second level HCL manager making the whole process cumbersome. This is something which is totally uncalled for and even suffocates an employee.

Client’s conduct with contractors

There were some preferences(like event’s participation, gifts, etc) given to the employees of their own company and not to the contractors. This led to trust issues and jealousy among employees of the other company, making the environment hostile and wary. This also resulted in increased employee turnover, unfriendly behaviour, increased absentism, degraded deliverables etc.

Quantity concerns more than Quality

The client was most interested in the quantity rather than the quality. The work was organised in form of sprints. Each sprint consisted of a 2 week period where in the software was needed to be made as well as tested. The employees were only considered in completing the work assigned to them rather than understand the know-how of it and assuring the quality. This resulted in alot of bugs in the software.

If we try to combat the shortcomings mentioned above, it will prove to be better for the organisation as well as the employees.

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