this is a research paper on the protein molecule intergrin 1

– provide an overview of the protein molecule Integrin in terms of its functions and/or structural role , evolutionary history , presence in different organisms , the cells or tissues that express the protein in organisms , unique structural components of the molecule , its role in aspects of the metabolism of the organisms , and its interaction with other molecules

-discuss experimental findings of reference papers, from at least two primary sources .. provide a summary of the findings from the research paper . include a brief discussion of the hypothesis , techniques used to test it , and experimental results from the paper

– provide a summary of the protein molecule that concludes the paper . this area should display an understanding of all relevant information summerized from the research papers, including features of primary through Quaternary structure , co-factors, major evolutionary adaptations , and roles for mutated forms of proteins in diseases. include an evaluation oft the phylogentic profile of this molecule , and how many organisms share this protein? when did it first evolve ? is it a member of a larger protein family? and is it essential to specific cell functions?

– MLA FORMAT and include a Work Cited

– DO NOT use Wikipedia as a reference . you are free to use many other ones but there has to be AT LEAST 3 primary sources . you may use this website for information ( The National Libary of Medicine )

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