tourism planning and development cbt in vietnam

You are required to prepare an essay on the critical role of community-based tourism (CBT) in innovative tourism planning approach in Vietnam.

Here is an explanation of community-based tourism:

• You must focus on one particular destination geographically-based that you will critically analyze for this essay.

• You must identify a specific case study and analyze it in terms of CBT approach.

• You must use well developed international examples to support your arguments.

Your essay must be structured as follows:

Introduction – outlines the relevance/importance of the topic and your arguments.

Discussion – includes a detailed discussion and critical analysis of the topic together with well-developed arguments that you will bring out in this section.

Conclusion – logically summarizes and concludes your arguments in the assignment.

References – You are required to use a list of references.

*** Words count = 2400 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

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