Two Small Essays


Essay 1:

Why is it important for project managers to resist changes to the project baseline?   Under what conditions would a project manager make changes to a baseline?   When would a project manager not allow changes to a baseline?


This original post must contain a minimum of 300 words.  All citations should be in APA format with a reference listing at the bottom of the post in APA format (be sure to include a link to the website of your current event in the reference listing).


Essay 2:

Students are encouraged to use critical thinking.

Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action (as defined by the critically thinking community).

Review the readings, and write your thoughts on the information you find on the following three topics:

· How is SOA different?

· Event driven Agility and Origins of events

· Governance: Agility and SOA Enterprise Transformation.

This original post must contain a minimum of 500 words. All citations should be in APA format with a reference listing at the bottom of the post in APA format (be sure to include a link to the website of your current event in the reference listing).


Readings for essay 2:

Do not copy the below, only for example:

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is distinct from many business processes, but it is not exactly a new concept. SOA was originally a method used in software and web development, but it is applicable to other business processes as well (Cummins, 2009).

SOA differs from typical architectures on several levels. Firstly, it is comprised of loosely-coupled services that can be combined in a variety of ways (Cummins, 2009). This feature of SOA minimizes dependency between services, allowing for service units to have minimal impacts on each other even when optimizing a process (Cummins, 2009). Secondly, SOA emphasizes how infrastructure affects process development (Cummins, 2009). The final distinguishing aspects of SOA are its speed and flexibility; or agility. SOA can develop and modify services rapidly, and also remove artificial boundaries common in earlier architectural styles (Cummins, 2009).

Event Driven Architecture (EDA) can change the degree of coupling to very tight or loose depending on system requirements. SOA and EDA are not a product but an architecture or style of creating solutions. Moreover, SOA and EDA are not opposites. In fact each component of EDA can be implemented as SOA (Cummins, 2009). This means that EDA and SOA can benefit each other in complex processes. For example, a credit card company could create a new system to record credit card purchases over $1,000 and use EDA instead of making an entire new system. SOA is based on loosely-coupled services, and EDA is based on events, not connections, so the resulting service would not be interrupted (Cummins, 2009). This feature helps organization stay agile especially with increasing regulations and technology requirements.

Implementing SOA should be a large change. While SOA offers organizations many different benefits, those values are multiplied when it affects the entire system. Therefore, organizations can see the true value of SOA when it is incorporated into the entire enterprise, rather than a division. Yet, change is never easy, which is why governance is important to SOA enterprise transformation. Governance deals with controls. Specifically, the best ways to identify, make, and implement decisions. Therefore the role of governance is to oversee the change process. It’s important to understand that governance may share similarities with management, but it exists to make policy and provide oversight, not drive people to achieve a goal.

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