Unit 4

For the given scenario, your group needs to complete the following:

  1. Work      together with role playing (1 Project Manager, 1 customer, others may be      system architects and developers) to identify the system requirements and      all risks, and rate each risk.
  2. Each      member selects 1 of the highest risks. Explain why these are considered      high-risk, and explain their potential effect on the project.
  3. Outline      a risk mitigation strategy for the each of the selected high risks.
  4. Summarize      the challenges the team faced and how you worked them out.
  5. Create      a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation with audio narration that covers 1–4      above. Each member needs to add an audio presentation for his or her      selected risk.
  6. Groups      must incorporate the critique provided by the group members into the final      draft. The group members must each perform a final review of the entire      assignment submission and confirm any final items that require      clarification, editing, corrections, and so on. One group member will then      submit the final assignment.

Include a title slide and APA format on citations used in the presentation with a closing references slide. Use proper design regarding elements (fonts, color, images, and so on) on your slides.

Sure. So the directions call for a roleplay scenario in which each of us plays a valuable asset to the project and identifies the foremost risk. I can play the role Project Manager, Tony (ME) why don’t you play the role of the Customer, and Joe you can play the role of System Architect. Let’s come up with a list of risks (maybe at least 5) according to our role by end of Sunday night? Once we do that, we will have the first slide which will be those risks rated in order of importance. We can split this up into 2 slides per person which include 1 slide that details the foremost risk involved in the project according to your role, with an explanation of the risk, and 1 slide that implements a risk mitigation strategy for that risk and explains how that will mitigate the risk. We will also need 1 slide that informs the reader of an explanation of the ranking, and a summary of the strategies used which can be split into 2 slides. One slide for the brainstorming portion and one for the actual risk mitigation. That should give us 10 total.

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