Unit 6 Assignment – Project: Risk Register


In this assignment, you will be creating a Risk Register/Matrix for your project.

Prepare the schedule in a Word document. This assignment is due Sunday at 11:59 p.m. All assignments should be uploaded in the Assignment area.

Leverage the “Risk Assessment Matrix” example found in figure 8.2 of your textbook. You should have a minimum of 10 risks identified for your project. Please review the below YouTube video on Risk Management.

Assignment Template(s)

There are excellent free template examples for this assignment available at the following sites:

  • ProjectManagement. (2018). Templates. [Webpage] Retrieved from https://www.projectmanagement.com/Templates/index.cfm
  • ProjectManagement Docs. (2018). Templates.[Webpage] Retrieved from http://www.projectmanagementdocs.com/#axzz4dNyw1Mmr
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6sVZ5ZwST4


    Code Wedding Task Project manger Program owner/Bridgroom Finance controller Drivers Benquet admin Logistics controller Church admin Photographer/media R=Responsible A= Accountable C=Consultant I=Inform
    1 Guest
    1.1 List of Guest R C I
    1.1.1 Prepare invitation R C I
    1.1.2 Mailing the invitation A I C
    1.2 RSVPs preparation C R I
    1.3 Check the guest special needs A I R
    2 Locations
    2.1 Selectig the venue(church for wedding) C I A A
    2.2 Selecting Partying Location A R I I I I
    2.3 Checking the suitability of the venue A C R I
    3 Trasportation
    3.1 Deciding on the means to get to the church A C R I I
    3.2 Setting up the car pooling service for the guest A C I R
    3.3 Taxi or Uber booking to transport guest to and from the hotel C A R
    3.2 Strateggies to move the data center I C R I
    3.3 Providing detail maps on the venue of both events R C I
    4 Venue
    4.1 Venue theme R C A I
    4.2 Tables/chairs C I R
    4.3 Setting/utensil I A
    4.4 Specil equipments A I R
    5 Decoration
    5.1 Deciding on the flowers to use both at church and party venue C I I R
    5.2 Tablecloths C I R
    5.3 Wedding favors A C R
    6 Banquet
    6.1 Food Menu R C I A
    6.2 Serving C I R
    6.3 Special needs R
    6.4 Wedding party names for the program A C I R
    7 Personal Items
    7.1 Gowns and tuxedos C I A R
    7.2 Hair R C I R
    7.3 Makeups R C I
    7.4 Wedding rings R C I
    8 Entertainment
    8.1 Music A C I R
    8.2 Performance A C I R
    8.3 Shows A C I R
    9 Church
    9.1 Bridesmaids A I C R
    9.2 Groomsmen A I C R
    9.3 Interior decoration A I C R
    10 Media
    10.1 Photographer A C I I R I R
    10.2 Wedding Videographer A C I I R I R
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