unit vi assignment 1

 Unit VI

Assignment 1

Complete the Project 13-1 on page Mod2-96. Remember to use the undo function if needed when completing this

assignment. Click here to open the data file Video Replay.CS 1010, Computer Essentials 5

Complete the Project 13-4 on page Mod2-97. Remember to use the undo function if needed when completing this

assignment. Click here to open the data file Program Guide.Following is what is in the data file progran:

My Viewpoint

The debate about video replay versus no video replay for football games is very controversial. After our class discussion about this matter, I thought about my own experience using video. When I practice springboard diving, each of my dives captured on a TiVo system. Just seconds after I execute a dive, I view the video for instant feedback. I can replay the video multiple times, and I can also view the dive in slow motion or freeze the frame. The TiVo system is especially useful when reviewing synchronized dives with my teammate. Watching the video helps me identify what Ive done right and wrong, and it also enables me to analyze all my techniques and visually understand what my coach is conveying. I can then make the necesary adjustments before my next attempt. In today’s world, advanced technology enables us to record and manipulate video that shows more detail than what the eye can capture. I understand that fifty years ago referes needed to call plays in football as they saw them, but with the technology now available, I believe that video review in all sports can be beneficial and provides valuable evidence for making a decision.

Psychology 221


Instructor: M. Horstkotte



Open VIDEO REPLAY from the drive and folder where your Data Files folder is stored. Save the Video Replay document as REVISED VIDEO REPLAY. Followed by your initials. (L.L.)


Select the last two lines of text in the document, including the paragraph marker. Cut the selected text to the clipboard, and then paste the contents at the top of the document.


Insert a manual line break at the end of the instructor’s name, press ENTER, and then typr the current date.


Select the first four lines of text, and remove the space after the paragraphs.


Select the entire paragraph beginning with the sentence The debate about. Change the line spacing to double-spaced.


Insert a default 1/2-inch tab at the beginning of the paragraph.


One possible grammar error and three possible misspelled words are flagged. Make the necessary corrections.


Find the second occurence of  the word TiVo. Select the whole sentence with the second occurance of TiVo, and then delete the sentence.


Find the word EXECUTE. Use the Thesaurus to find synonyms for execute, and select a synonym to replace the word.


Select the title MY VIEWPOINT. Center the title, and increase the font size three increments. Change the text to uppercase.


Select  the entire line with the instructor name on top of the document. Delete the sentence. Undo the edit, then redo the edit. 


Save the changes, and close the document.

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