using both the dialogue and the images within the graphic novel write a rhetorical analysis addressingthe following key questions

I need a rhetorical analysis essay on the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and the following questions answered when writing the essay. It must include quotes and images from the novel.

1. What argument(s) and are Moore, Gibbons, and Higgins trying to make about the nature of the hero and/or human nature in general?

2.What underlying assumptions are the creators working from in this graphic novel?

3. Which strategies do the creators employ in order to further their claims and enhance or heighten the reader’s experience, and how did these strategies make the story more effective and accessible to the reader?

If you dont have the book I found a free pdf of the book…

Please follow the instructions on given on how my professor wants the essay to be. The instructions are on the second page of the attach pdf file

I also need an outline for the essay however, my outline is due tomorrow night by 10 pm pacific timing and the essay can be submitted by the ends of the given time period. Here are the instructions for the outline.

  1. Your document must include a working title. Aim for something creative, but make it clear what your task is (A Rhetorical Analysis of Watchmen).
  2. Your document must include developed introduction paragraph which begins with an engaging hook, contextualizes the graphic novel for an audience that has already read it, and ends with a thesis.
  3. Your document must inlcude a thesis statement that answers the key question of Guidelines for Essay #1 clearly and specifically. This thesis should be highlighted yellow.
  4. Your document must include 4-6 bullet points (body paragraph topics) which clearly indicate which rhetorical strategy or device you will discuss for that paragraph. Ideally, you can craft a topic sentence for each of these bullet points.
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